So, what's interesting about Moroni? Quite simply: the hotels and the beaches. Concretely, to spend your holidays in a beautiful and big hotel with access to the beach or to be able to stay in a place where the beach is just nearby, it's perfect! (More...)

Are you planning to travel with your baby soon? Does this cause you stress and you don't know exactly what to do? Between altitude, crying, screaming, jet lag or even fears... it's completely normal! It is always a source of anxiety for parents. (More...)

Power, comfort and safety are the qualities that come to mind when you discover this majestic aircraft. The Embraer ERJ 145 LR is now the pride of Madagasikara Airways, which has just expanded its fleet with this Brazilian aircraft. (More...)

Judging by the company's many strengths and the notoriety acquired since its creation, it is difficult to believe that MADAGASIKARA AIRWAYS is only in its first year of existence. (More...)

Why should you book your flight online with MADAGASIKARA AIRWAYS? Simplicity is the first advantage of online booking because you just have to fill in fields instead of complete a file by hand. The time saving must also be taken in account because there is no need to physically move to an agency (More...)